About Us

About Us

Dishu Parmarth Balika Vidyalaya Samiti Foundation of India, established on 2 May 2008, has established its headquarters in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh state of India and is solely dedicated to improving the lives of Indian citizens with disabilities and those living below the poverty line. Since its inception, Dishu Parmarth Balika Vidyalaya Samiti works as a non political and non profit organization social welfare humanity welfare of women welfare of handicapped persons and wonder for orphan and poor children education and health...

I am Ramgopal Singh
Dishu Parmarth Balika Vidyalaya Samiti is the proud organizer of the Ujjwal Kal Abhiyan for every child. Our NGO in the field of child welfare has been a ray of hope for orphans and children living in poverty and is working tirelessly towards a future where every Children should get a chance to learn and nurture their dreams.

Ramgopal Singh

( Manager )

We Believe that We can Save
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Dishu Parmarth Balika Vidyalaya Samiti

Our Vision

To render service and support to people below the poverty line and differently abled individuals.

To uplift their lives in every way possible by introducing self-help programs that not only instills their self-esteem but also enhance their livelihood.

Our Mission

To be committed to social work, devoting our lives to serve humanity especially poor and differently abled individuals.

To eradicate the social discrimination prevailing in a society based on illiteracy and poverty.